93088612 - TU 50440NXNU PB2 H4 12V60/55W E1 TU MIH - TUNGSRAM

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Tungsram MegaLight Ultra +150 %

Better visibility with up to 150 % more light

Up to 150% more light means improved visibility at night and therefore more safety for you and other road users. Due to the higher light output, compared to standard halogen vehicle lamps and to the previous model, you can see better and you will be seen much earlier.

The white to slightly bluish light of these lamps stands out from the standard and, in combination with up to 150% more light, offer more comfortable vision and prevent premature eye fatigue, so you can be on the road longer. At the same time, thanks to the better road illumination, your reaction time is improved, allowing you to react earlier to traffic events if the worst happens. This reduces the risk of accidents, which can save lives in an emergency.

Tungsram is a pioneer in the automotive lighting industry and relies on computerized 100% quality control using advanced quality assurance systems for fully automated production. 

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